Not to be confused with Hope Industries' Real Ghostbusters watches.

The Real Ghostbusters "Haunted Watch" was an offered by mail-in offer with three proofs of purchases from The Real Ghostbusters toys by Kenner (sans the Ecto-plazm cans).

Toy Descriptions

It featured a lenticular face that flickered between "Who You Gonna Call?" with No ghost logo and pleased Peter, and "The Real Ghostbusters" and shocked Peter.


  • A.R.M. Fulfillment services were used by Kenner to ship out the watches. They also fulfilled shipping for The Real Ghostbusters Second Cartridge, as well as being most remember-able for shipping out Star Wars Special Collectible coins in 1984.
  • The offer for the watch was noted in Toys R Us ad in many newspaper around June 30th, 1988.[1]
  • The offer was featured the second half of the TV AD for Proton Pack and GhostPopper.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, Janine Melnitz is wearing a Real Ghostbusters Haunted Watch from 1988.


  1. Schenectady Gazette - Jun 29, 1988 (actually the 30th) on page 19


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