The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page was one of the oldest of the Ghostbusters fan sites, well known for The Real Ghostbusters fan fiction and episode guide. The site's webmaster was Sheila Paulson, who was an award-winning fan fiction writer from the pre-Internet days of physically printed The Real Ghostbusters "fan 'zines", such as Just the Four of Us. [1] [2] It was the definitive source for professionally-written The Real Ghostbusters fan fiction, as well as the home to the first ever The Real Ghostbusters episode guide.


The site originated in 1995 (based on the copyright date that appears at the bottom of the main page) at, where it remained up until October 31, 2008, when AOL discontinued the free webhosting they were providing to their members.

At this point, it then moved to, where it stayed until roughly March 20, 2011. Its final home online was at The site was taken offline a few years later.


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