The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Grabbing Mug came out in 1989 from Kenner.


A free Ghostbusters Ghost Grabbing Mug was offered until August 31, 1989. The leaflet asked to allow 28 days for delivery. Only one applications was allowed per person and open to United Kingdom residents except Kenner, Parker, and Tonka employees, their families, and agents. It was advertised as a magical mug that traps the ghost (Slimer) on it when it turns hot. Prison bars form over the ghost. Three proofs of purchase and 52p in stamps were required when the offer was mailed. The instructions on the leaflet instructed applicants to "Cut out the names of your Ghostbusters figures plus the bar codes from the backing cards as proofs of purchase. The proofs of purchase must include 1 Haunted Human plus 2 Fright Features or alternatively 1 Haunted Human, 1 Fright Feature, and 1 Hero Figure. Hero Figures and Fright Features include: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon Spengler. The Fright Features range also includes Janine Melnitz. Haunted Humans include Terror Trash Ghost, Granny Gross, Mail Fraud, Hard Hat Horror, Tombstone Tackle, X-Cop. Then complete the application form enclosing your proofs of purchase and 52 p in stamps to: 'Ghostbusters' Ghost Mug offer, PO Box 12, West P.D.D., Leengate, Nottingham NG7 2GB"

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