The Real Ghostbusters Home Video Series was released in the 80's, 90's and 2000's. It is assumed that the cartoons were the same transfers except with different dubs and translated titles in other worldwide releases. The Official Home Video items covered here came out before 2009's Timelife Boxset (2009).

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (America)

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (United Kingdom)

  • The Collection releases. The Black Volume was one of the last videos released under RCA International. The Blue Volume (a re-release of the Black Volume) came out in 1994, released by Columbia Tristar Home Video via Cinema Club. The Orange Volume likely was released shortly after. Another reissue of Volume 1 was done with a collection of Jumanji Animated episodes called "Double Trouble", which was released by Cinema Club in 2000.

List of Releases for Die Echten Ghostbusters (Germany)

Die Echten Ghostbusters was a line of VHS Tapes released in Germany by RCA Columbia Pictures International Video in 1989 and featured a different Dub for all 21 of the Released Episodes. The Dub is notorious for it's rather loose translation of the Dialogue and also for adding extra jokes with the subject of "Bananas". German Fans jokingly call the Dub for these Jokes the "Bananen Synchro" (Banana Dub). Note, first there were seven VHS Tapes for purchase each featuring 2 episodes, at the same time there were the same 7 Tapes but with 3 episodes instead of 2. However they were only available as Rental-Tapes in Local Video Rental Stores. Later when the series was broadcasted on german Televisions there were 7 more Tapes each containing one episode which could only be purchased in Bundles with the german Toyline to the Series. Dubbing done in Hamburg, Germany.

Retail Versions

Rental Versions

Note that episode links are only provided for the Rental exclusives, as the rest were on the retail versions too.

  • Volume 1 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Die Ghostbusters retten Amerika - Knock, Knock / Spiel den Gespensterblues / S.O.S. für Papa
  • Volume 2 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Gefährliche Aufträge für die Ghostbusters - Im Opernhaus bricht Panik aus / Bei Tante Lois spukts / Hilfe, Onkel Cyrus sieht Gespenster
  • Volume 3 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Ein Ghostbuster in höchster Gefahr - Das Endspiel / Ray in Gefahr / Ein Herz voller böser Geister
  • Volume 4 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Die Geisterjagd in New York - Der Krimi ist nicht fertig / Das Geisterschiff am Broadway / Slimy auf abwegen
  • Volume 5 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Von allen Geistern gehetzt - Der Juwelenraub / Geister in der Uni / Rettet die Brathänchen!
  • Volume 6 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Die echten Ghostbusters sitzen in der Falle - Gefangen im Film-Studio / Ein Geist im Labor / Ghostbusters im Weltall
  • Volume 7 - Die Echten Ghostbusters: Siegeszug der Geisterjäger - Die Geister aus dem Bildschirm / Am Fließband sind die Geister los / Jagd auf die Doppelgänger

Bundled with the Toy

More on the bundles can be found here.

List of Releases for Los Autenticos Cazafantasmas (Spain)

There are two different release types, one being retailer with a barcode (the back is black and removes one episode image), and the other standard. Three Volumes seem to exist, condensing the first five United Kingdom volumes.

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (Italy)

It is assumed that the Italian releases are simply the United Kingdom versions, but dubbed in Italian. So far Volumes 1-5 have surfaced. Released in 1989 by Windows/Magic Windows.

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (Australia)

It is assumed that the Australian versions are the same as United Kingdom.

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (Greece)

Releases based on the United Kingdom dubbed in Greek by VideoSonic in 1989. So far six are known.

List of Releases for S.O.S Fantômes (France)

They went with single episode releases.

List of Releases for アニメ ゴーストバスターズ (Japan)

Single episode releases.

List of Releases for The Real Ghostbusters (Netherlands)

So far two vhs releases are said to have been released. Only one has surfaced.


  • A rather common online bootleg DVD titled "The Real Ghostbusters Manhattan Madness" which took United Kingdom's DVD's and converted them from Pal to NTSC at Region 1 (For American DVD players).[1]
  • On page seven of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2, on the shelf right of the The Real Ghostbusters: The Game from Triotoys United Kingdom VHS tapes. The front of Volume 6, featuring "Sea Fright" and "Adventures in Slime and Space", can be seen.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, in panel 4, on the signs in the center and under Caste are the dancing figures are from the right half of the Magic Window logo, as seen on the U.S.A. Home Video releases.



The Real Ghostbusters (America)

The Real Ghostbusters (United Kingdom)

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Die Echten Ghostbusters (Germany)

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