The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh Set was produced by Kenner in 1987. It was part of the Play-Doh line that at the time was part of Kenner's division. Note that a year later, the Play-Doh Fun Factory (extruder toy) came with The Real Ghostbusters Fun Kit.


  • one plastic Ecto 1
  • two half-molds
  • one extruder toy
  • one playmat
  • one plastic knife
  • one can of orange Play-Doh modeling compound
  • one can of purple Play-Doh modeling compound
  • one can of (green) glow-in-the-dark Play-Doh modeling compound


The extruder toy was able to make Play-Doh figures by using a plunger to push down modeling compound in the cylinder forcing out ghost like designs.


  • Kenner's Ecto-1 toy vehicle shared the same basic illustration design as the original illustration for this item. However, Winston was removed from the illustration and Egon was edited in his spot.


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