The Real Ghostbusters Soundtrack Released in 1986 on CD, records, and cassette by Polygram Records. All songs preformed by Tahiti (Tyren Perry & Tonya Townsend.) [1]

Track listing

The Episode numbering system is based on the DVD Box.

Side One

  • 03. Don't Play Her Game (003)

Side Two

  • 07. Midnight Action (008)

Album Credits

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All credits are from the large card back of the packaging of the soundtrack.[2] Images used were provided by Spook Central website.

Side One

Driving Me Crazy
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Cornelius Mims
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Brenda K. Pierce

The Boogieman
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Cornelius Mims
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Brenda K. Pierce

Don't Play Her Game
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Joe Curiale
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Joe Curiale/Brenda K. Pierce

Movie Star
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Cornelius Mims
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver

Remember Home
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Kimaya M. Koepke/Randy Gonzalez
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver

Side Two

Party On His Mind
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Cornelius Mims
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver/Brenda K. Pierce

Midnight Action
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Paul Jackson, Jr.
Lyrics: Lynn Davis/Brenda K. Pierce/Ollie E. Brown

Charge You Up
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Attala Zane Giles/Joe Curiale
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver

Mr. Sandman
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Cornelius Mims/Kimaya M. Koepke
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver

Hometown Hero
Music: Ollie E. Brown/Joe Curiale
Lyrics: Ollie E. Brown/Cindy Silver

Produced and Arranged by
Ollie E. Brown for
Brown Sugar


All lead vocals performed by Tahiti
featuring Tyren Perry and Tonya Townsend
Ollie E. Brown-drums & percussion, special effects
Cornelius Mims-bass, keyboard, synthesizer
Paul Jackson, Jr.-guitar
Joe Parson-guitar
Joe Curiale-synthesizer
Randy Gonzalez-synthesizer
Kimaya Koepke-acoustic piano
Zane Giles-keyboards "Charge You Up"
Ray Parker, Jr.-guitar solo "Hometown Hero"
Greg Wright-all guitar solos except "Hometown Hero"
Gerald Albright-sax solos
Rex Silas-synthesizer
Gene Page-string arrangement

Horn Section:

Charles L. Davis
Eric Marienthal
Rick Baptist
Alan L. Kaplan
Larry Lunette
Gerald Albright
Horn Arrangement by Ollie E. Brown-"Charge You Up"
Horn Arrangement by Joe Curiale-"The Boogieman"/"Midnight Action"
Rhythm Arrangement On "Don't Play Her Game" Ollie E. Brown & Joe Curiale
"Midnight Action" Rap performed by Bart Nicholson

Background Vocals:

Cindy Silver
Kimaya M. Koepke
Brenda K. Pierce
Ollie E. Brown
Cornelius Mims
Kevin Dorsey

Kiddy Funk Singers

on "Movie Star"
Jania Foxworth
Jaimee Foxworth
Daralyn Phinnessee
Lead Vocal Instructor-Kimaya K.

Recorded and Mixed at Ameraycan Recording Studios
5719 Lankershim Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA
Recording Engineers-Steve Hallquist * Dave Rideau * Bobby Brooks
Recording Engineers-Bobby Brooks * Steve Hallquist * Ollie E. Brown
Mastered by-Bernie Grundman at Grundman Mastering
Production Assistant-Cheryl R. Brown
Additional Assistant-Teri L. Brown
Hair Stylist-C. C. Brooks
Fashion-Tyren, Tonya, Caroline, Ollie
"Tahiti" Logo Design-Eugene T. Mattos
Fan Club Information:"Tahiti" c/o Brown Sugar Productions * 4950 Wilshire Blvd. * Los Angeles, CA 90010

Special thanks from Tyren Perry to:
GOD, Jesus My Saviour, My Family, My Sisters, Cousin Kevin and All My Friends. Ollie E. Brown My Producer, and Most Of All My Mother Gwen for putting up with Me.

Special thanks from Tonya Townsend to:
Seth Riggs, Kathleen Hergt, Ollie E. Brown My Producer, Kimaya, Cindi, Brenda, Tyren and My Mother Dorothy and My Father Duane and all My Friends and Family.

Special thanks from Ollie E. Brown to:
Gary Le Mel-for that great morning telephone call and Bob Holmes, Joe Medjuck, Michael Gross, Russ Regan-for agreeing with the idea. Dick Wingate, Jerome Gasper, Bob Skoro and the PolyGram Staff. Columbia Pictures Staff, DIC Staff, Rick Rosen, Bodie Chandler, Ivan Reitman for sticking with the project, Fred Moultrie Accountancy, Edwin Lombard, Richard Leher and Harris M. (Attorneys) Quincy Jones who keeps me goin', RAY PARKER, Jr. for being supportive and having a great studio, my mother Deloris and Ernie Harris, Daryell Phinnessee, Rev. E. V. Hill Mount Zion Church, Nike, Zieldjan Cymbals, Durline, Golden Bird Chicken & Jesus Christ My Lord and Saviour.
Extra Special Thanks To My Wife Teri Brown

Ray Parker, Jr. Appears Courtesy of Geffen Records
Cindy Silver Appears Courtesy of Brown Sugar Productions
Bart Nicholson Appears Courtesy of Brown Sugar Productions

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