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The Rose[1] is a fashionable New York night club.


Primary Canon

After Slimer was trapped but before Winston Zeddemore was hired, the Ghostbusters got a call from The Rose. They trapped a "pretty pesky poltergeist" then stayed on to dance the night away with some of the women who witnessed the paranormal disturbance.[2] Casey Kasem reported the incident on his radio countdown. Dana Barrett heard and chuckled to herself.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

One night, a long line formed outside The Rose. Many were eager to get in but Shawn Doning, the doorman, told them he couldn't get everyone for a lot of reasons. He paused after hearing a weird sound. A ghost, in wisp form, flew through Shawn. He fell face first into the pavement. The people took advantage of his predicament and ran in. A man with a mohawk told everyone he heard from his cousin that the club was going to play a secret B-side from Wang Chun. The Ghostbusters were called in. Shawn asked them to get rid of the ghost because he wasn't letting anyone leave and that was creating an overcrowding issue. Peter Venkman noted the door wasn't budging and cued Egon Spengler. Egon shot the door to interrupt the negative spectrum psychokinetic energy sealing it shut. Shawn flinched as the Proton Stream shot past him. Peter tried to assure him it could have been worse because Egon wanted to upgrade to Proton Grenades. As they made their way through the club, Peter heard some music and tried to identify it. Ray Stantz stated he only knew the Blues. Egon told them it was Prince then stated he didn't like the P.K.E. readings he was picking up. Peter quipped he never did and advised Egon to start thinking of them as blank checks. Ray insisted it was never a bad idea to exercise some caution.

Ray abruptly stopped and pointed out the dance floor. Everyone was dancing in mid-air above it. Egon was impressed with the incredibly sophisticated telekinetic activity and concluded unprecedented control was needed to pull it off. Ray agreed and spotted at least 11 distinctive dance styles representing a wide range of popular dance styles, including The Twist, The Fly, The Bird, The Swim, The Jerk, The Boogaloo, The Bump, The Hustle. The ghost took notice of Ray's display of knowledge and added him to the dancers by force. Egon suspected he and Peter were practically non-entities to the ghost. Peter took offense to that but spotted the wisp. Egon took aim but Peter stopped him out of concern for the crowd. Egon claimed he could have made the shot. Peter tried to clue him on what the ghost wanted. Egon believed it was to sow chaos and fear. Peter believed he wanted to party and to do that, he needed music. They destroyed the DJ booth but watched as it reassembled itself perfectly and continued playing. Peter opted for plan B and told Egon to show him his moves. Egon was caught off guard. Peter teased him about his claim to being a dance god. Ray yelled at them to do something because he was doing dance moves he shouldn't be physically capable of. Egon complied and did the Moonwalk.

On impulse, the ghost zipped past Egon and fully manifested. Peter helped Egon up. Ray yelled at them to hurry because he was exhausted. Peter teased he looked great up there. Ray wasn't having it. Peter teased he needed the exercise. Egon and Peter wrangled the ghost and trapped him. The ghost did one last move, a nod to Michael Jackson, as he was pulled into the Trap. Everyone fell to the ground. Peter warned they should get ready to leave as fast as they could. To the Ghostbusters' surprise, the people cheered and wanted to keep on dancing. A woman asked them if they wanted to join in. Egon was surprised and reiterated they all just experienced a supernaturally induced traumatic event. She didn't get what he said and asserted they were going to dance anyway. Ray noted they were off-shift. They started dancing. The bust made the national news. Weeks after the Gozer incident ended, Rebecca Morales interviewed Peter. He became combative she mentioned she already spoke with Dana Barrett and Walter Peck. She mentioned Ray and Winston were cooperative. Peter asked her if Ray talked about what happened at The Rose. She recalled it was a night club. He teased the national press didn't get the juicy details. She asked if he brought it up because he didn't want to talk about his academic career. Peter told her about the bust at The Rose. After he was done, Peter recalled Kasem's report and thought it was a shame the bust happened before Winston got hired because he would have loved to see him react to Egon's Moonwalk.


  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, there is a photo of Peter dancing with a woman, in reference to the issue's story about the bust at The Rose mentioned by Casey Kasem in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, it is revealed The Rose is stand-in for The Palladium on East 14th Street.
    • In real world history, The Palladium reopened as a nightclub specializing in New Wave, Euro, and house music in May 1985 by Studio 54 founders Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager.
    • Some of the signs are left unchanged: Joon Fashion, Billiards, Pizza A Go-Go, and Men's Wear Lady Boy Wildcat.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, the Ghostbusters move through an area of the club populated with Francesco Clemente murals, also based on The Palladium.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, Egon identifies the song being played as one from Prince.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, the dance floor is also visually inspired by the Palladium's.
    • One dancer is doing the iconic jumping split done by David Lee Roth when Van Halen performed.
    • Below the dancer doing the jumping split are three dancers doing the line dance done by Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, and Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club".
    • Left of Ray's head, a dancer in a black dress hiking her skirt is visually based on Cyndi Lauper as she appeared on the Japanese vinyl for "Time After Time" (1983).
    • On the bottom right, there are three dancers performing The Robot.
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • In panel 4, on the left, a dancer is visually based on Annie Lennox.
    • In panel 4, on the right, are two dancers visually based on Hall (back to reader) & Oates (pink pants) in the outfits and poses like one of the color covers of their album Voices from 1980.
  • On page 15 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • In panel 3, Ray and the women are performing the can can.
    • One woman is based on Madonna from her "Crazy For You" music video/cameo in "Vision Quest" (1985).
  • On page 17 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, in panel 2, Ray and the others are in a conga line:
      • At the end of the line is Andy Warhol.
      • In front of Warhol is Tina Turner from Bryan Adams' "It's Only Love" (1984) music video.
      • In front of Turner is Duckie from "Pretty in Pink".
      • In front of Ray is Jellybean Benitez, a key figure of the New York nightlife, in a striped shirt and overalls he wore in an outing with then girlfriend Madonna.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, in panel 6:
    • Above Peter and Egon in the green pants are the twins Carlos and Julio from the Douchebusters fan duo.
    • Right of Ray in the red high heels is Fiona Henderson from Ghostbusters of British Colombia.
    • In the upper right corner is Ryan Doell from Ghostbusters of British Colombia.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3:
    • In panel 1, the blonde woman on the far left who screams "Woooo!" is visually based on Brigitte Nielsen as Ludmilla in an outfit from "Rocky V".
    • In panel 1, between Egon and Ray is a man visually based on the late Prince.
    • In panel 1, right of Ray is a man visually based on Boy George.
    • In panel 1, right of Boy George and the other person is a man visually based on Billy Idol.
    • In panel 2, the woman who invites the Ghostbusters to dance is based on Pat Benatar in the second half of her music video for "Love is a Battlefield."
    • In panel 2, right of Benatar is the tall woman from Louis' party, portrayed by Jean Kasem, in Chapter 17: "Who Brought The Dog?"
    • In panel 2, between Benatar and Jean is David Bowie in his yellow suit.
    • In panel 5, the Ghostbusters dance like how they do in the music video for Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" song.
    • In panel 5, on the left is Claire and on the right is Bender from "The Breakfast Club." The latter is in his iconic pose from the end of the movie.
    • In panel 5, behind Egon is Ray Parker Jr. and to his right is Don Johnson and Philip-Michael Thomas as Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs from the "Miami Vice" television series.


Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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Secondary Canon

Behind the Scenes