The Rudely Mallard Gang were a group of ghosts that haunted an Old West town in the 1800s. They attacked a stage coach and tried to eat the souls of the driver and his passengers, but were captured by a time-displaced Peter Venkman.


The Rudely Mallard Gang is a group of five outlaws. Most likely, the gang is named after their leader, Rudely Mallard and members include Bobby Boy and/or Mallard's younger brother. They committed numerous crimes, such as bank and train robberies. After their deaths, the ghosts of the gang were associated with the Demon Collective of New York. They were dispatched to the Red River Valley, as part of a larger plan by Koza'Rai to conquer space and time. In 1886, the Mallard Gang attacked a stage coach transporting the Landers family to Red River. Before they could devour their victims' souls, the Gang was opposed by Peter Venkman. Peter trapped all five and deposited them in a jury-rigged Containment Unit back in town. Word of the Gang's demise angered the Demon Collective. They sent an emissary to announce reinforcements were to arrive on midnight on a train from Hell.


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