The Schoening Omnibi[1] is a set of four books that springboard off the Cult of Gozer research done by John H. Tobin and studies interdimensional theory.[2]


Kylie Griffin presented a few selections from Ray's Occult Books to Abby Yates. The Schoening Omnibi was among them. Abby asked if there was anything on Ley Lines. The books went flying when pressure from a build up of P.K.E. was violently released. The information in the omnibi was mostly speculative but was surprisingly accurate in comparison to multidimensional entities the Ghostbusters encountered. As they began to explore other dimensions with the Interspatial Teleportation Unit, the Schoening Omnibi became an important tool in their research.


  • The Schoening Omnibi is named after the comic's artist Dan Schoening.


IDW Comics


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