According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Human
  • Abilities: Terribly efficient at being annoying

Tobin's Summary:

From the beginning, paranormal investigators have encountered skeptics, those who stubbornly believe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, that all paranormal activity is fakery and hallucination, and that those who claim to investigate it are insane, deluded fools, or cunning fraudsters.

Egon's Notes:

Owing to several highly visible and well-publicized paranormal phenomenon such as gigantic marshmallow men, animated national treasures, and giant domes of slime covering local landmarks, reasonable observers in New York agree that paranormal activity is quite real, and that we who investigate and contain such as heroes. Unfortunately, not all observers are reasonable. Enter Walter Peck, who to this day believes all the paranormal activity in New York is a result of some kind of nerve gas we release on unsuspecting victims of our ongoing scam.

Ray's Notes:

Avoid this jerk at all costs...if you can.

Supplemental Data

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