The Trask Hotel [1] is a luxury hotel in Chicago.


In the 1920s, a woman in a blue dress was murdered on the tenth floor of the Trask Hotel. Ever since then, the ghost of the woman haunted the hotel. [2] The hotel enjoyed an extra amount of business from people coming to see the ghost. Since the ghost was benign in nature, the hotel allowed it to continue even into the present. [3]

The ghost of the woman's killer started to manifest at the hotel and displayed aggressive tendencies. The Trask hired the Chicago Ghostbusters to capture it. The team split up into pairs and searched the tenth floor. After the first sweep didn't deliver any results, Ron Alexander decided to try a new Ghost Attractant spray to bring the ghost to them. The Killer in Black soon attacked Lou Kamaka and Ron. Rookie and Dani Shpak forced their way through a small flood of slime and caught up to the others then trapped the ghost. As they wondered about the ghost, the Woman in Blue appeared and confirmed it was the man who murdered her and derived enjoyment from torturing her in the afterlife. Before she could finish thanking them, Ron trapped her so they could charge the hotel an extra 40% return fee. Lou and Ron encountered a similar case on December 1 while aiding Special Agent Melanie Ortiz in Minnesota.

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  • The Trask Hotel is a stand-in for the Drake Hotel on the Magnificent Mile.
  • The Woman in Blue is based on the Drake's Woman in Red lore. She haunts the Tenth Floor and is said to have jumped to her death during the 1920 New Year's party at the Drake.


IDW Comics


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