The Umpire[1] is a ghost that played a part in the fight between good and evil.


It is unknown if the Umpire was good or evil as he noted that no one can be neutral though he never proclaimed being on either side. However, he did temp the Ghostbusters into cheating which may suggest that he was in fact evil (though he may have tempted them to cheat just to test them, which could make him a good spirit). Given that evil will always cheat, and that good will always play by the rules, it is also possible that this ghost is a good spirit, as evil knows that good will never make an unfair call, while good could never trust evil to have an impartial umpire.

He has come off being the one in charge or above the game itself. He at the end of the episode sort of gave the moral to the episode and then said fare well and suggested they may meet again someday.[2]

Physical DescriptionEdit

He is dressed up as an umpire including that face guard. He has glowing eyes.


He seems to have a firm and fair understanding of the events he is judging on. He comes off as a friendly spirit, though very aware of the conflict. He seems to care a great deal for the one soul they are playing for in the game, suggesting that while he might be evil, he does care about others to a degree.



The Real Ghostbusters


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