The Theatre Ghost appeared out of a cinema, scaring a lot of people. It appeared during a ghost outbreak caused by Vigo's use of the Psychomagnotheric Slime to come back to life.


On December 31, 1989, the Theatre Ghost manifested at a special New Year's Midnite Show screening of the movie, "Cannibal Girls." It scared dozens of movie goers outside and chased them outside.

Behind the Scenes

The Theatre Ghost was created by Rick Lazzarini of The Creature Shop in Van Nuys based on a drawing by Henry Mayo. The head was human-size and sculpted by John Blake and the body was made by Dan Frye. Since the ghost was added late into production, the crew had three weeks to make the puppet. Lazzarini employed the 'Facial Waldo' interactive device, a cap and vest system worn by an external operator. When the operator moved his brow, cheek, lips and jaw, sensors would send signals to the servos inside the puppet and mimic the movement done. If the operator moved his brow, all six on the ghost would move. The operator was free to puppeteer the wings. Three additional puppeteers operated the tail and four arms. The puppet was shot against black so the puppeteers all wore black beekeeper-like suits and mesh face screens. The real difficulty was operating the puppet at 48 frames a second in order to portray smooth movements. [1]



Ghostbusters II


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