In They Call Me MISTER Slimer, to contribute to the Ghostbusters' finances, Slimer becomes a teenager's personal bodyguard. But he doesn't bargain on a gang of young thugs attaining bodyguards of their own... some very dangerous creatures from an abandoned subway station.[2]


Janine Melnitz

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz


Mike "the Mouse"


Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore

Barrow Wights (Type of Creatures)


P.K.E. Meter

Proton Pack

Particle Thrower




Mike's House

Subway Station 13


At the Firehouse, Janine summoned the Ghostbusters to her desk. Peter and Ray stopped working on Ecto-1 to listen. She handed Peter the monthly financial report and once again, they are in the red. The usual problems were the cause: overhead, property damage, utilities, and food. At the mention of food, Slimer appeared and looked around. Peter berated him for taking and giving nothing back in return. Slimer countered his gift was love. Peter asked him if he could make himself small. Slimer complied and folded himself into a tiny square. Peter then attempted to mail Slimer to a friend.

After Peter yelled at Slimer for costing them too much money, Slimer went out into the city to find a job. A boy named Mike who was bullied by a teenage gang. The gang tripped him and made him drop his stack of comics and magazines, including "Fantastic Monsters of Film World," "Sci-Fi Times," and "The Frankenstein Papers." Mike swore he'd get even someday but a Doberman appeared and chased him. Slimer heard Mike's scream and saved Mike from the dog. Since Mike read about ghosts and monsters for a long time, he wasn't afraid of Slimer and thanked him. Mike paid Slimer to be his ghostly bodyguard. He took Slimer home with him and schooled him on how to be scary.

At the Firehouse, Janine and Ray looked for Slimer in vain. Meanwhile, the gang was hanging out near a Recksall pharmacy and chased after Mike after he insulted them. Slimer arrived and scared them off. Rick refused to give up and came up with a plan. Back at the Firehouse, everyone but Peter became concerned with Slimer's prolonged absence. It was the longest he was away from headquarters. Egon agreed but only because he was planning to run electrothermal tests on him. Janine presented an envelope that just came in the mail. Peter opened it to see money covered in slime. Everyone stared at Peter and he was livid at being the scapegoat again. Ray declared they should start searching at the zip code of the post office.

The gang opened up a sealed entrance to Subway 13. Rick revealed his father used to tell him stories about how the station was closed years ago because all sorts of creepy things lived down there. Unfortunately, Rick released some Barrow Wights to help them fight back. The leader of the Barrow Wights assumed Rick's offer was a trap. Rick convinced him to work with the gang. The leader accepted and proclaimed all Rick had to do was invite them. 10 minutes into the search, the Ghostbusters didn't find Slimer. However, Egon noticed the P.K.E. Meter registered a broadband increase of pyschokinetic energy in the area. The jump in energy was too diffused to get a fix on and Egon went to work on recalibrating the P.K.E. Meter.

A bully invited Mike into a warehouse to hang out. Mike was hesitant at first but ordered Slimer to circle around just in case. The Barrow Wights then turned on all the teenagers. Slimer intercepted Ecto-1 and told the guys about the Barrow Wights. Before the entities got rid of the teenagers, the Ghostbusters busted in and went to work. After being prompted, Slimer gathered his courage and formed a baseball bat from some of his slime then joined in fighting the Barrows. Rick and Mike called a truce when the Barrow Wights were all trapped. Ray praised Slimer for being worth his weight in gold. Peter wasn't so sure and Slimer reacted by chasing him around.


  • The episode was recorded on December 17, 1986.[3]
  • The episode call sheet lists the title as "They Call Me Mr. Slimer".[4]
  • The title is a reference to the movie They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!
  • One of the books in the pile that Slimer accidentally topples is called "Barrow": the Barrow Wights later appear in the episode.[5]
  • Mike says that there are 6 bullies, but there are actually 7.[6]
  • Egon and Ray compare Barrow Wights to Trolls and Vampires, both of whom of the Ghostbusters have faced before.[7][8]
  • Ray attributes his ability to understand Slimer from growing up watching Lassie movies.[9]


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