Times Square [1] is a major and famous intersection located in Midtown Manhattan and iconic hub for Broadway.


The Real Ghostbusters

In search of a Troll, Winston Zeddemore suggested he would be in Times Square, looking into the bright lights and excitement of the area. He and Ray went on foot to Times Square and searched in vain for the Troll. While stopping for ice cream, they unknowingly paid the Troll. After meeting up with the other Ghostbusters, they eventually tracked him to Club Kat. However, the Trolls' ultimatum was over and Times Square was attacked by Fire flies. Water from a sewer line and water tower were utilized to neutralize the entities. The Ghostbusters quickly sought the services of a lawn decoration store to acquire a stone statue of the missing Troll and fool his group.

Years later, the Ghostbusters faced the Clock Ghost a second time in Times Square. When they arrived, the ghost was attacking a billboard advertising a watch. [2] Ray Stantz and Winston attacked from 42nd while Peter Venkman drew it into an alley to be trapped. [3] However, it escaped capture. During the incident involving the Halloween Deal, Boogaloo and his minions descended upon the Times Square district. Once the deal was restored, Times Square was back to normal again. Times Square was once again plagued by supernatural activity when it was transmogrified by an outward flow of Nether Energy from another dimension after the Ghostbusters and Gorgar arrived through a cross-dimensional conduit. Once Ray sent Gorgar through the Magic Cabinet, Times Square was returned back to normal.

Extreme Ghostbusters

In 1997, Slimer passed through Times Square in search of New York City College so he could warn Egon about increased ectoplasmic activity. Slimer "greeted" some tourists then stole a map of Manhattan from a vendor. The Component Parts Emanations of Piper terrorized citizens in Times Square briefly. A disoriented half of Tempus flew to Times Square and communed with his future self. The Ghostbusters later tracked thousands of Remotely Possessed Dogs to Times Square, where the Demi-Dog examined piles of garbage brought to him. They were able to trap the Demi-Dog and restore the dogs to normal. However, they witnessed a full inter-dimensional breach and met the Demi-Dog's master, The Mistress. Roland Jackson outsmarted the Mistress and trapped her.

Soon after, the arrival of the four Energy and Lightning Demons wrecked havoc in New York City. The ESD (Energy Sucking Demons) residue left in their wake caused driver-less vehicles to move out of control and crash into each other. In November, S.I.D.N.E.E. passed through Times Square and absorbed most of it before reaching Central Park. Times Square was restored to normal after S.I.D.N.E.E. was trapped.


The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters

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