The Times Tower is a 25 story, 395 foot high skyscraper located at 42nd Street and Broadway. It was originally the headquarters of local newspaper The New York Times and remains a major focal point due its role in the New Year's Eve ball drop.


On New Year's Eve, Rodefhiri stood on the rooftop of the Times Tower and waited for his potential victims to gather down below in Times Square. As the Ghostbusters ascended the tower's stairwell, they could feel Rodefhiri's heavy presence and children outside began to float. When they made their way to the roof, Rodefhiri exposed the fears of Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman. Winston Zeddemore and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz were able to avoid looking at him. Winston allowed himself to look and fought his fear then blasted Rodefhiri in the face. The others recovered and captured Rodefhiri in five Traps at midnight.


  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, the seventh image is from Volume 2 Issue #12, page 15 panel 3, after Rodefhiri is trapped atop Times Tower. Jillian Holtzmann appeared in place of Peter.



  1. Narrator (2016). Insight Editions- "Tobin's Spirit Guide" (2016) (Book p.49). Paragraph reads: "The Ghostbusters encountered Rodefhiri when he appeared in New York, manifesting atop One Times Square during New Year's Eve festivities."


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