The Timothy Ghost [1] is an entity under the thrall of Doctor Kruger.


Some time after the dimensional bleed incident, the ghost of Doctor Kruger manipulated Timothy into manifesting in an effort to lure people to him and secure his freedom from his Brownstone in Yorkville. For their 82nd case, the Ghostbusters investigated the Brownstone. Timothy manifested and caught them off guard but only said, "Mommy?" Erin Gilbert was relieved it was just a tiny ghost child. Patty Tolan got worked up and asked her if she ever saw a horror movie. Abby Yates stated it was only a Class 3 and a child. Patty pointed out children were in all works of creepy fiction then listed off several movies: "Children of the Corn," "Ring," "Village of the Damned," "The Shining," "The Exorcist," and "Rosemary's Baby." Erin noticed Timothy did have a hoop and a stick. Jillian Holtzmann added it kept calling them "Mommy." Abby agreed that wasn't cool. Erin directed everyone to open fire but Holtzmann decided to antagonize it and tell it its mom was definitely dead. Timothy transmogrified and charged. The Ghostbusters took cover by some furniture. Erin panicked because the hoop was touching her. Abby called out the "Hi-Lo" maneuver. On a three count, they wrangled Timothy then trapped it. Erin tried using "no kidding" as a pun but Patty told her not to draw so much attention to it. Nobody noticed Abby was possessed by Kruger. They left once Holtzmann revealed they had to get back to the Firehouse before 5 pm or something 'cooking' in the lab would get messy.


Timothy is a Class 3 apparition. [2]



IDW Comics


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