Tiyah's Apartment, located on the Upper East Side, is the home of Tiyah Clarke.


In the early 1900s, a Miss Hazel Mayfield lived in an apartment unit. On Valentine's Day, 1905, Ballard Wright proposed to Mayfield in the unit. She turned him down. After Wright died in 1907, his ghost manifested in the unit and haunted it. Reports throughout the decades of unusual occurrences by only female tenants in the apartment unit were recorded and later compiled in the Occult Reference Net.

Tiyah Clarke is the latest occupant of the haunted apartment unit. She didn't believe in the ghost but her male friends and ex-boyfriends have sworn they saw Wright. When Clarke was alone, she did hear strange noises and doors opening. The Ghostbusters took the job one Valentine's Day and attempted to capture Wright in the unit. When the Arm Mounted Proton Packs failed, Winston Zeddemore verbally addressed Wright and got him to voluntarily disperse. For once, there was minimal property damage. Winston later returned for a dinner date with Clarke.

During the Ghost Smashers incident, Winston went to Tiyah's apartment to take a shower and get some TLC after he was punched with a fist of living sewage during a case at a waste treatment facility. [1]

Once Tiamat chose Tiyah to be sacrificed instead of Winston, he raced to her apartment in vain to protect her. Tiamat gave Winston one more chance in the hallway outside Tiyah's place to choose a sacrifice. Winston refused so Tiamat knocked on Tiyah's door and called to her in his voice. Tiyah answered and was grabbed by the throat. Tiamat extracted part of her soul and erased Tiyah's life experience with Winston from the world and left. Once Winston realized what happened, he left the apartment and wept outside on the curb. Soon after, the other Ghostbusters arrived in Ecto-2.




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