The Toaster of Sights Unseen is a Cursed Artifact found in the Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick level of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.


This two-slice toaster resonates with PK energy.


c.1968 Madame Dee, a powerful but dying medium, cast her estimable power for prophecy into the object nearest to her as she drew her final breath. The Toaster of Sights Unseen can answer any questions posed about the future.

Where to Find It

Realistic Version

In the Field: After you track Pappy Sargassi upstairs into a hotel corridor, follow the main corridor until you come to 3 hallways, left right and center. Take out the P.K.E. Meter which should take you to the left hallway until it comes to a dead end. It's hidden behind a couch.

At the Firehouse: The toaster is not on the kitchenette, but rather on the pool table in the middle of the upstairs floor.


Despite appearances the dancing toaster that appears on the pool table genuinely is the Toaster of Sights Unseen, not the one from Ghostbusters II. There is no toaster to be found in the firehouse prior to you cataloging this artifact. However, as a nod to the dancing toaster, when the 'interact' button is pushed next to the toaster, it starts to shake about.


  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Annual 2018, in panel 2, on the billiards table is the Toaster of Sights Unseen - where it goes after Rookie collects it in the video game.


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