Tobin's Mansion is the former home of Tobin and later Sam Hain and is now owned by his former business partner, Artie Lester.


Tobin's Mansion is located on the world renowned magician Samuel Hain's estate in East Hampton (in southeastern Suffolk County, New York, at the eastern end of the South Shore of Long Island). The Hain Estate is 66,000 (110,000 including outbuilding) square feet. The Mansion, itself, is famous for being the largest occupied residential compound in America. It houses 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a dining room that stretches 90 feet long, a bowling alley, two tennis courts, a squash court, a 164 seat movie theater, and a 200 car garage. The mansion's most unique feature is that it has its own power plant. Unknown to most, Hain also built several secret passages and rooms all over the Mansion. Hain purchased it in 1934.

Hain was practicing one of his acts in one of these secret rooms and died. An extensive search of all 71 rooms and a number of newly discovered secret rooms turned up no body. After some time, Lester had Hain declared legally dead and took over the Mansion on a September 21st. Over a month later, during a Halloween gala, the ghost of Sam Hain manifested. Lester attempted to hire the Ghostbusters but was turned down. Janine Melnitz went on a solo bust and found the room holding Hain's remains but became stuck in a supernatural soft spot. The Ghostbusters arrived and saved Janine before midnight struck and the soft spot closed up.




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