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Tobin's Spirit Guide[1] by John Horace Tobin is a book that serves as a compilation of various supernatural occurrences, entities, and facts. The computer software version is hard to find and is very expensive. Egon and Ray refer to it so frequently they may have entire sections memorized. Copies of the book have been shown to be available in hardback, paperback, and electronic media. Tobin's Spirit Guide often helps the Ghostbusters with identifying entities involved in the cases that they take on.


Primary Canon


Entries on cult leaders, cults, gods, demigods, and various entities, including Ivo Shandor, the Cult of Gozer, Gozer, and Zuul were recorded in Tobin's Spirit Guide. Shandor's entry mentioned bizarre rituals being conducted on roofs in New York after the Cult of Gozer was founded in 1920. In 1984, after Dana Barrett was interviewed, Egon thought of looking up the name "Zuul" in Tobin's Spirit Guide. While the Ghostbusters were incarcerated briefly, Egon Spengler briefed everyone on what he found out about 550 Central Park West from Tobin's Spirit Guide.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The Spirit Guide was used extensively in the Shandor Incident of 1991. The P.K.E. Meter and Ecto Goggles were modified to work in tandem. When an entity or Cursed Artifact was fully scanned, the data was added to an electronic version of Tobin's Spirit Guide that Rookie could access at any time. The new entry provided a complete biography of the entity, including a picture, their class level, their powers, the ghostbusting weapons they are weak against, whether they can be trapped or destroyed, and some information on their back story.

Secondary Canon

The Real Ghostbusters

Egon and Ray carried around a paperback version of the book on assignments. Egon sometimes had Tobin's Spirit Guide on small computer interface devices and later on computer. The latter was noted as being very expensive by Ray, because it probably wasn't popular to which Egon scoffs. The Ghostbusters never memorized every entry, as they often found something new when they looked up unknown spirits in the guide.

Extreme Ghostbusters

The Extreme Ghostbusters used Spengler's Spirit Guide, a spiritual successor to Tobin's Spirit Guide written by Egon Spengler after the original team disbanded. However, the Extreme team relied more on the electronic version and Internet and checking out books to dig up information on ghosts that they know little about.

Ghostbusters International

It was published as a source book for the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game, containing ghosts from all over the world that could be used as adversaries in the game. As well as some background on Tobin himself. According to page V of the source book representing the title page of the manuscript, The full title is written as, "J.H. Tobin's Spirit Guide BEING A COMPENDIUM of Ghosts, Gods, Spirits, and Manifestations from Outside the Normal Realms of Existence, ~ WITH A TRAVELOGUE and Notes on a Philosophy of the Occult - Established by the Author -"[2]

IDW Comics

In mid-September 1912, Tobin documented his travels in Siberia in the guide. Tobin went undercover in the Cult of Gozer to research their methods and history for his Tobin's Spirit Guide book.[3] Tobin completed the full text of the guide in 1929. The original printing weighed almost 40 pounds. In later editions, the guide was split into two volumes.[4]

In the present, the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission keeps a file on Tobin's Spirit Guide, #SG1a. A hardcover copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide was taken aboard a flight to Schenectady by the Ghostbusters. Ray and Egon consulted it while trying to narrow down the identity of the entity they were sent off to confront. Ray Stantz and Kylie Griffin used Tobin's Spirit Guide for their research on instances of recurrent child hauntings and supernatural abductions in the last 50 years. There are pages on Tiamat and Gozer in succession. Both have depictions of one of their known forms and entries are written in Gozerian Alphabet. There also pages that detail the rules that bound Gozer. Gozerian imagery and hieroglyphics are included on these pages. An annotated copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide is kept in Egon's foot locker. Kylie had Tobin's Spirit Guide with her while everyone brainstormed about the Thralls of Chi-You following the Madison Square Garden battle.[5] She later had it when the Turtles, April O'Neil and Casey Jones went back home through the Interspatial Teleportation Unit portal in the Firehouse basement.

While the two teams of Ghostbusters researched Proteus, an Egon consulted Tobin's Spirit Guide. After an encounter with a powerful entity on Staten Island, Ray did some research. He identified the entity as the Sandman in Tobin's Spirit Guide. The entry about the Sandman begins with "A nursery monster from the 19th century used to scare children. During the early part of the century the Sandman brought terror among children as it would sneak into the rooms of young ones who would not go to sleep. The Sandman would throw sand into the eyes of children causing them to itch. When the child rubbed its eyes, his or her eyes would fall out on the floor creating a bloody mess. The Sandman would collect these..." The entry also contained some Latin. Somnum sempiternum loosely translated to "sleep eternally" and "oculus satietas" loosely translated to "sight satiation." The parallel Egon consulted Tobin's Spirit Guide, while on a flight to Chiloe Island with that universe's Ghostbusters, to inform himself of the local lore of Chile. Kylie Griffin presented a few selections from Ray's Occult Books to Abby Yates. Tobin's Spirit Guide was among them. Abby asked if there was anything on Ley Lines. The books went flying when pressure from a build up of P.K.E. was violently released.

Insight Editions

Egon and Ray put in several weeks to update and summarize the guide into a more mainstream edition.[6]

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Secondary Canon


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