Tobin's Spirit Guide by Kim Mohan is a source book for the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game. It is based on a reference book on various spirits mentioned in the movie, and is written as if it actually was the book mentioned, albeit a "slightly edited and slightly supplemented version" based on the first edition as recovered and reprinted by Dr. Stantz.

The book contains numerous ghosts and other supernatural beings for players to encounter throughout the game, divided by geographic region into four chapters: Egypt and Asia; Great Britain and Western Europe; Eastern Europe; and Eastern America. It also includes optional rules for variable Ectopresence based on an entity's proximity to a goal or an important focal point.

The full title is written as, "J.H. Tobin's Spirit Guide BEING A COMPENDIUM of Ghosts, Gods, Spirits, and Manifestations from Outside the Normal Realms of Existence, ~ WITH A TRAVELOGUE and Notes on a Philosophy of the Occult - Established by the Author -" [1]

Table of Contents

The following content was copied from the Table of Contents on page iv.

Introduction to the Modern Edition (ii)

Professor Tobin's Introduction to the First Edition (02)

Chapter One: Spirits of Egypt and the Asian Continent (04)
Sebek (05)
Mertseger the Silence-Lover (06)
Hatshepsut (07)
The Guardians of the Canopic Jars (08)

Sphinx (10)
Ka (12)
The Benu Bird (13)
Caligorant (13)
Ahagotsu (14)
Enbilulu (19)
Nebo (20)
Siliman (21)
Nasnas (23)
Humbaba (24)
Shamash (26)
Rabisu (27)
The Three Fastidious Men (28)

Chapter Two: Spirits of Great Britain and Western Europe (30)
The Four-Eyed Cat (31)
Grateful Ghosts (32)
The Boggart and The Pantry Spirit (33)

Foundation Sacrifice (35)
Hudkin (37)
The Restless People (39)
Dujonus (41)
Mari- Yvonne (42)
Tregeagle (43)
The Spectral Voyager (44)
The Sexton (48)
Nuckelavee (49)
Samhain (50)
Death's Messengers (51)

The Shaggy Beast (52)

Chapter Three: Spirits of Eastern Europe (54)
The Buda Pest (55)
The Fool (57)
The Gozerian Cult(59)

Baba Yaga (61)
Eshmahkie (63)

Chapter Four: Spirits of Eastern America (64)
Captain Lightfoot (65)
Calvin and Hobbes (67)
The Headless Hunter (67)
Old Tom the Pirate (69)
Voodoo Loss (70)
Noises From Nowhere (71)
Flighty Lucre (72)
Chumboro House (73)
The Curse of Chocorua (74)

Variable Ectopresence: A New and Optional Rule (75)

Index of Spirits, Spooks and Specters (76)


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  1. Mohan, Kim (1989). Tobin's Spirit Guide, p. V. West End Games, Honesdale, Pennsylvania USA, ISBN 0874312590.


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