Tokyo ESP episode: Scene 03 "Penguin and Girl" has a spoof of the Ghostbusters as Penguin-Hunters.


Peggi (the flying Penguin) is found by two Penguin-Hunters. They attempt to capture the Penguin, only to lose Peggi as it flies to Murasaki (the girl with glasses). Peggi with Murasaki holding on fly outside the building only to be hit by a net and then caught by a third Penguin-Hunter. Later, in the van the three note they are doing this for money, and while Murasaki using Peggi's beak attack the driver of the van. Rinka and Kyōtarō appear on the top of the van and plan on saving Murasaki and Peggi. Rinka gets inside the van as it starts to wreck. The van ultimately ends up on a rail on the bridge and Rinka gets out along with Murasaki and Peggi. The van falls to the underpass, but Kyōtarō appears under it and teleports himself and the van to the harbor. The three Penguin-Hunters are assumed dead as the van sunk with them in it.



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