Tolay[1] is a powerful demon that dominates a section of the Netherworld.


Primary CanonEdit

Tolay is a demon known to inhabit the Netherworld. He is also the brother of the demon Arzun and commands a legion of Rock Demons called Thons. In 1690, Heironymus attempted to summon both demons to do his bidding. He failed and was pulled into their realm.[2][3][4] Centuries later, the Ghostbusters encountered Arzun in New York and trapped him. In the battle, Egon Spengler was discorporated by feedback from his Destabilizer. In order to save him, the other Ghostbusters had to build a Molecular Phase Amplifier, which would cost $78,632 to build. In order to get that money, they had to go bust ghosts like they've never busted ghosts before. They succeeded after catching many ghosts, including the Gobbler, the Haunted Blimp, and the Dancing Specters.

Unfortunately, they were too late. However, they were able to go to the Netherworld and find Egon. In exchange for a favor, Heironymus revealed Tolay took Egon to his keep as a prisoner. The Ghostbusters and Heironymus infiltrated the keep and freed Egon but were discovered. They managed to flee Tolay's forces and return home. Heironymus changed his mind and elected to stay behind. Winston Zeddemore gifted him a Proton Pack. Undoubtedly, Heironymus became an archenemy of Tolay with science and technology on his side.

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IDW ComicsEdit

When two teams of Ghostbusters captured Proteus in their Proton Streams, the god was forced to show them the future. Since eight men captured him at once, he had to show eight futures at once. One of the futures gleaned was of Tolay.



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The Real Ghostbusters

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IDW Comics


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