Tomb Effigy is the boss of Level 10: Gates of the Dead in Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.


The Tomb Effigy is the guardian of the fourth and final shard of the Relic of Nilhe. The statue can release a dangerous shockwave and summon several Possessed Graveyard Statues to the battle. When these other statues are present, the Tomb Effigy is immune to attack and will not engage until the minions are dispersed. The shockwave attack can be seen beforehand when the Effigy raises its fist. The resulting fist slam creates a shockwave with a ripple effect that shoots off in three directions. If there is enough distance from the entity, the ripple effect can be easily avoided. At the end, the entity is then trapped. However, the team must fight it again when they return to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital to find Dr. Tesmon.

Manifestation Points


  • An effigy is a representation of a deceased person, primarily cast in stone or wood. They are usually in a praying, standing, or kneeling position. An effigy can also be a doll burned in order to dispel undesired spirits or to advocate against a person. The burning is meant as a sign of the participants' shared intent to banish the represented element from their lives. [1] This may be a reference to the entity's part in the opposition to prevent the junior team from helping revive Dumazu.



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