Tour Guide Garrett[1][Note 1] worked at the Aldridge Mansion Museum as a tour guide in the 2016 movie.


Garrett usually led tourists through the mansion, and offered a dry-witted account of the surroundings until he arrived at Gertrude Aldridge's door. There, he spooked tourists with a trick candle that fell over ominously after he told Gertrude's unsettling story.

However, after a tour on a Tuesday, Garrett was spooked when Gertrude's door rattled loudly, the locks all flipped of their own volition. He ran for the front door, only to find its knob red hot. An unseen force then slammed him against the wall. Recovering, Garrett tried to toss a chair out the front window to escape, but the chair stopped mid-air then flew back and broke over him. Shouting, he ran for the first door he saw - Gertrude's. As soon as he entered, he bemoaned his mistake and tried to run back out. The door slammed shut behind him, and he soon found out the stairway railing was coated in slime. When the basement floor started cracking open with green light, Garrett tried to run, but the stairway broke beneath him. Trapped in the basement, he dangled from the sealed door as a blue light washed over him. Staring into it, he screamed.

Later, when Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Jillian Holtzmann arrived to investigate, Garrett called out to them from across the street. Erin asked for Ed Mulgrave but Garrett thought she was talking about Ed Senior and stated he died 15 years ago. The mansion's historian, Ed Mulgrave Jr arrived. Garrett pointed out he was Ed Junior. Mulgrave made a point of Garrett's confession to soiling himself during his experience and crying over the phone.[2][3] Abby estimated that was a T3 on the Ghostly Interactions Rating System but Holtzmann suggested it was a T4 if there was poop unless he ate something bad. Garrett denied he soiled himself.[4] Abby asked him if he kept a sample to his dismay. He sarcastically thanked Erin for introducing him and Mulgrave to Abby and Holtzmann. He refused to go with them into the mansion and threw the keys across the road then declared they were going to die in there.


  • The Tour Guide was Katie Dippold's idea.[5]
  • The Anti-Irish Fence was improvised by Zach Woods during filming.[6]
  • The part where the Tour Guide is thrown into the wall was filmed on a sound stage with a stunt double a month later after that whole scene was filmed.[7]
  • In the Tor Books Ghostbusters Novelization:
    • On page 1, Garrett has an impressive student loan debt.[8]
    • On page 3, Garretty has a degree in Art History with a minor in Drama from City College of New York.[9]
    • On page 3, Garrett was revealed to be an aspiring actor and had his cousin Lester record his ghost tour.[10]
    • On page 4, Garrett imagines a skeptical tourist thinking "I ain't afraid of no ghost."[11]
    • On page 5, it's noted Garrett worked at the Aldridge Mansion for four years.[12]



  1. The character is in the cast listing as "Tour Guide" during the end credits. For the sake of nomenclature and the possibility of future characters with a similar job title, the guide's first name was added to the article name.


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