GhostPopper an toy weapon which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. It was the second toy weapon released in America as part of the second wave. Currently, it is slated for reissue in 2021 by Hasbro.

Toy Descriptions

with six soft foam Ghostpops

Promotional Description

Fire the soft foam "ghostpops" at all the ghosts in your neighborhood!

Walmart Website 2021 Reissue

Information gathered from Walmart-"Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Ghostpopper Retro Blaster Action Toy with 6 Foam Pops Projectilest".

  • Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Ghostpopper Retro Blaster Action Toy with 6 Foam Pops Projectiles
    • Walmart # 759758080
    • $19.87
    • Arrives by Thu, Jan 7 (2021)

About This Item:

  • CLASSIC KENNER DESIGN: Created to replicate the original Kenner Ghostpopper blaster toy from the 1980s, Kenner Classics brings old favorites back to shelves everywhere
  • POLTERGEIST POPPING ACTON: Ghostpopper blaster comes with 6 soft foam pop projectiles and includes 3 cutout targets, including The Real Ghostbusters logo, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Green Ghost
  • 1980S ANIMATED SERIES-INSPIRED DESIGN: Inspired by the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, with design and deco influenced by the toys from the 80s
  • DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS: Since 1984, Ghostbusters has brought spooky adventures and ghost bustin’ action to fans and collectors of all ages
  • LOOK FOR OTHER KENNER CLASSICS: Keep your eyes peeled for Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters Kenner Classic action figures, vehicles, and roleplay toys (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

When ghosts haunt the streets of New York, the Ghostbusters team steps up to pop and stop them!

  • Includes: blaster and 6 projectiles.

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