The Ghost Nabber is an toy weapon, which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. This and the Ecto-Headphones with "Radar" Blaster were released as the last role playing action toys in the fall of 1990.

Toy Descriptions

Ghost Nabber
with trap set
and 3 cloth ghosts

Front of Box Notes

Ghost Wand Shoots out to snag Ghost!

Back of Box Instruction

"Paranormal Activity Reported in your neighborhood...You get the call!"
Ready for action with the portable Ghost Nabber. Pretend to pick up ghost readings by rotating the clicker knob on the trap. The faster you turn, the closer the ghosts are.
Look! Three tricky ghosts are hiding close by.
Don't let them get away! Squeeze the Ghost Nabber handle to activate ghost wand and...grab'em!
Open the trap by pressing the release button on top. All three ghosts can be safely stored inside.

Booklet Description

Description from Action Toy Guide (Summer 1990)
Ghosts can hide almost anywhere, but now they're easier to capture! The end of the GHOST NABBER wand shoots out to quickly grab a cloth ghost from any hiding place. Store the ghost inside the containment unit. Comes with pneumatic GHOST NABBER wand, ghost containment unit with adjustable shoulder strap, and 3 cloth ghosts that can hide anywhere. (Available Fall 1990)



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