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The Trap (also known as Ghost Trap and Ecto Trap)[1] functioned just like in the movie, the temporary storage of ghosts until they can be placed into the Containment Unit. However, it was further explained what a trap's limitations and alternative functions were.


It is shown that it is possible to trap more than one ghost in the same trap at one time and that even though the proton guns were often used to get a ghost near the trap, the trap can simply suck a ghost in. It is demonstrated that if too many ghosts or a very big and powerful ghost were trapped, they could not be held in it for long, like the Bird of Kildarby[2] and Ghash when he took in a massive amount of ghosts.[3] Also the trap was explained to mix multiple ghosts together when trapped in the same trap, though many instances showed the ghosts to be still separate after being put into the Containment Unit.[4]

Against a multitude of Television Manifestations, Winston Zeddemore threw out six standard Traps at once which he nicknamed a six pack.[5] Also, multiple traps can be used to catch one ghost.[6] On one occasion, a trap was connected directly to the Containment Unit. Then a second trap was connected to the first through its pedestal. This configuration successfully captured the Bird of Kildarby. Another configuration involved connecting five traps together.[7] The trap could also be used to temporarily hold environmental substances, such as the ectoplasmic lubricant used on the Pillar of New York, or powerful artifacts, such as the Shears of Fate.[8][9] At least some traps had the ability to indicate the Class Level of the ghost(s) inside.[10] The trap could also be reconfigured to handle living beings.[11]

When forced to relocate, the Ghostbusters safely bled energy from the traps.[12] Peter disregarded safety protocols and caused one trap to short circuit. It transported Slimer and the Ghostbusters to April 10, 1959. Egon had to recharge the trap to the exact power level it was during the accident in order to seal a hole in the fabric of time and to transport them back to the present.[13] While playing around, Slimer broke a Trap and tried to reassemble it but was left with one part. He panicked and tried to hide his mistake. The trap was used to capture the Grocery Specter. Its essence leaked out and affected various objects. The objects animated and converged on the Firehouse to reassemble itself as a ghost.[14] In November 1997, the original type of Trap was used one last time to trap an Ecto-Clone pair.

Other Type of Traps

When the Ghostbusters realized Janine Melnitz's lamp was the source of a massive build up of spectral energy, Ray Stantz connected four Traps. Their combined power would be able to reverse the polarity of the lamp and pull in all the ghosts that passed through it from the spirit world. Once Janine connected cables to the lamp, Ray triggered the traps and the theory was applied.[15]

Just before the team was called to an Arizona assignment, Egon Spengler tested a new Ghost Trap, with twice the P.K.E. suction of the older model, on Slimer. However, it proved to be too powerful and trapped itself. Fortunately, Slimer returned unharmed after the trap sucked itself in.[16]

Camera Trap

During a mission to extract Shifter, Slimer went into the Containment Unit with a Camera Trap that looked like a floating ball with a camera.[17] It would be signaled to trap by someone outside the Containment Unit using a device to monitor the events.[18] Once locked on to a target, the trap captures its query then teleports back to the control panel.

Crimebusters Trap

Egon and Ray modified their ghostbusting equipment for the Ghostbusters' new career as the Crimebusters. In the case of the Trap, it was modified to create a solidified energy cage around living beings.

Complimentary Devices

While the Ghostbusters dealt with the uptick in supernatural activity caused by Proteus, Egon used a remote control to activate several traps at the same time to capture all the heavily armed Street Thugs ghosts in one move.

Extreme Ghostbusters Trap

The ghosts of New York that were released in 1997, starting with Achira, had gotten stronger so the Proton Packs had to be redesigned to be more powerful and hold bigger spirits. Likewise, the Traps would have to be modified in order to correlate with the augmented proton charge.[19] Also, the traps were a lot bigger than before so one person (usually Kylie Griffin) would carry only one on the back. In the bust involving the Dry Spell Spirit, a floatation mode was utilized to trap the ghost.[20] As displayed when Fenris blasted it, the trap was not built to withstand sub zero temperatures.[21] The trap also has the ability to analyze a trapped ghost by connecting it to a computer.[22] These traps were commonly held by hand. When Tempus' essence was split into two, he was able to escape from the Trap. During the battle against Cernunnos, Kylie's Trap was caught in an energy blast. When activated, the Trap's containment vortex was fried. In order to generate a proper vortex, the circle of four believers was formed again.[23] The plan worked and Cernunnos was trapped.



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