A Ghost Trap is a portable containment unit used for the temporary storage of ghosts. Don't look directly into the trap!

Capture Stream

The Capture Stream allows for the containment of ghosts. The Capture Stream can be used to contain Ghosts over a trap and to manipulate ethereal objects away from specters. Once contained in a Capture Stream, ghosts can be thrown against walls causing damage or even complete neutronization.

Even though the Capture Stream is an extension of the Proton Stream, it functions differently. After activating the Capture Stream, the rapidly fluctuating particles steady just enough to capture whatever they've surrounded, essentially creating a proton "cage" around the target. A pleasant side effect of the particles' steadying is that the Capture Stream in incapable of overheating your Proton Pack. Once a target is captured in the Stream, you can use it to wrangle the creature as it struggles to get loose, then slam it around to daze it. The Capture Stream can also be used on inanimate objects to solve environmental puzzles.

Muon Containment Traps


A portable containment unit used for the temporary storage or transport of ghosts.

After wrangling a ghost with the Capture Stream, drop a Muon Trap. Once deployed, every trap shoots up a locator beam to about eye-level making it easier for you to spot. Maneuver your ghost over the trap to trigger it to spring open and suck the ghost in. Once caught in the Trap Cone, the ghost will automatically be sucked into the trap and given a new comfy home-until it's later placed inside the containment grid, of course.



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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