The Trask Manager is the manager of The Trask Hotel in Chicago.


After a malignant entity started to manifest at the hotel, a supervisor from the Trask hired the Chicago Ghostbusters to trap it. The supervisor informed the manager to expect them shortly. Still, he was surprised at how quickly the came and inquired which one of them was Egon Spengler. Ron Alexander informed him he was at the other branch then asked what the problem was. The manager asked if they were familiar with the Woman in Blue. Dani Shpak recognized the name from her copy of "Spooky Chicago Tour Guide" and recited its entry. The manager verified the passage and explained the ghost brought the hotel extra revenue as a safe ghost encounter but the second ghost was not. He instructed them to capture the second ghost only. Some time later, the Chicago Ghostbusters returned with both ghosts trapped. Ron asked the manager how much the Woman in Blue was worth to the hotel.


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