The Trask Supervisor is a supervisor at The Trask Hotel. [1]


Soon after the Killer in Black started appearing at the Trask and hassling customers, the supervisor sought out the Chicago Ghostbusters. He went to the Chicago Ghostbusters Headquarters and spoke with Ron Alexander. Ron tried to get Kim to pour some coffee but she was busy filing 302 forms. Ron informed the supervisor they were running a hometown pride special on ghosts that looked like cows, bears, or socks. The supervisor stammered the ghost was neither and asked if they could actually handle ghosts like the Ghostbusters in New York. Ron confirmed and told him they could handle anything for the right price, except a trip to Gary, Indiana. The supervisor returned to the Trask and told the manager to expect the Chicago Ghostbusters.


IDW Comics


  1. Trask Manager (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Annual 2017" (2017) (Comic p.24). Trask Manager says: "There you are - my supervisor said he'd engaged the Ghostbusters."


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