The Two Goblin Minions the two goblins that are followers to Samhain and serve him.


The two seem to be long time followers of the mighty spirit as they both have been known to constantly utter the name "Samhain." The two only seem to be able to come out on Halloween night to serve their master. Unlike their master, the two have always avoided capture by the Ghostbusters, thus giving Samhain an escape route for future battles, though both goblins can be briefly seen when Samhain and his ghostly minions are sucked back into the Containment Unit.

The pair to consists of a green, grinning goblin and a goofy orange goblin. The green one appears to take the lead most of the time, as it seems to always have to remind the orange one of where to go. It also seems to command the orange one to do the work needed to release Samhain (such as drawing lazy eights on his prison). The orange one seems to be the less intelligent one as it seems to always get hit by its partner whenever it makes a mistake and also seems to be the one doing most of the work. It also seems to be the more cowardly one of the group (though its partner can be quite cowardly at times as well). Surprisingly, neither of them appeared in the Now Ghostbusters comic in any of the stories featuring Samhain (though they are alluded to in issue 17).



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