The Stone Lions[2] are shape shifting spirits who take the form of two topiary lions.


When Wat created a construct to trap the Ghostbusters, two minion entities that resemble lions came to rest at the entrance as motionless stone lions. They stood guard and kept any interlopers away, even an innocent blue bird. The lion immediately scared it off, laughed with glee, and returned to its benign state. The Ghostbusters soon arrived at the construct, made to look like a house, at 1313 13th Street. Peter Venkman noted one was "ugly" upon first sight. As the Ghostbusters passed, it growled at Peter's back. As the Ghostbusters made their escape from the house, the lions attacked. Luckily, the Ghostbusters quickly blasted them, revealed their true forms, and trapped them.


The lions can shape shift between a benign state, where they appear as typical hedge or topiary sculptures, to their true form. This is visually evident, as they shift from green to blue hues.


The Real Ghostbusters


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