The Ultimate Mobile Trap [1] (also known as Trap-Mobile) [2] is a vehicle outfitted with parts from the Containment Unit of the Answer The Call dimension's Ghostbusters and customized to capture the Bronx Spook.


A few days into a dimensional bleed incident, the Ghostbusters determined the problem was three-fold. They had to sever the Bronx Spook's connection to the Manhattan Ley Lines to stop it from drawing psychokinetic energy, draw fully into their dimension from a point between the two, and seal the breach with a powerful enough controlled explosion. Abby Yates got an idea to salvage her team's Containment Unit. Since it was virtually empty, they were able to quickly transfer the contents and its smaller size allowed them to more easily incorporate it into the ad hoc prototype Ultimate Mobile Trap. Ray Stantz promised to rebuild the Containment Unit after the incident was fully resolved. he Containment Unit was then used to build a larger, more powerful trap. [3] Using a sample of ectoplasmic residue collected from the 101 pilot team, the Mobile Trap could be calibrated specifically to capture the ghost. Egon Spengler tuned the trap to the overlapping frequency of the other dimension extrapolated from the salvaged ectoplasic residue. They predicted everything would just return to its natural frequency on both Earths. Kylie Griffin, Abby, and Erin Gilbert continued construction while Ray stopped to explain the situation to Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, Patty Tolan, and Jillian Holtzmann after they returned from a case.

Citing it was only a two seater, Abby and Holtzmann departed the Firehouse in the Ultimate Mobile Trap. On Kylie's suggestion, the other Ghostbusters positioned themselves on neighboring roof tops in Times Square in case they had to use their packs to help wrangle the ghost into the trap once it manifested. Abby and Holtzmann stopped in Duffy Square. Abby hit the trigger. The hatch popped up and the trap activated. It soon pulled the ghost from the limbo. It resisted and didn't completely exit the breach. The Ghostbusters fired at it then ran for it as the ghost attempted to crush them. The ghost was then successfully captured by the Ultimate Mobile Trap.



IDW Comics


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