The Undying One's Minions are skeletons on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art who were animated with coherent vibrations.[1]


During the unveiling of the Moaning Stones of Tangalla, The Undying One was released. He quickly used his power to animate all other skeletons on display throughout the museum - early man, a woolly mammoth, saber-tooth tigers, pterodactyls and others. They pursued the Ghostbusters from the Rembrandt Room to a modern art section. The guys were able to make a run for the sound room. From there they played Peter's music and destroyed the minions' energy matrices. All the entities were reduced to piles of bones.


The minions can be easily discorporated but due to the nature of the vibrations, they can instantly reassemble. Only an equally disharmonic and non-cohesive vibration could keep them discorporated permanently.[2]


The Real Ghostbusters


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