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In Unidentified Sliming Object, two spacemen mistaking Slimer for a typical earthling capture him and take him to their home![2]



Morty Feeb and Captain Zito


Plutonian Spaceship





Slimer played outside the Firehouse with a remote control flying saucer. The toy zoomed around a corner. Slimer went looking for it only to be sucked into a real flying saucer. He was deposited into a room that resembled a typical Earth household and fed weird looking food. Slimer was observed by the ship's pilots, Captain Zito and Morty. The Captain wanted to study the enemy, learn its weaknesses, and conquer Earth. Slimer tried to play with his toy but it started to control the real deal instead. The Captain mistook it for a secret weapon and had it confiscated. They soon arrived at a military facility on Pluto. Slimer was transported down into a room he couldn't phase through.

Slimer was ushered into another room to play a game. He boarded a spinner device and enjoyed it. The Captain became irritated and made it go faster and faster. The machine overloaded and the facility was given a jolt. Slimer was taken to another room designed to simulate various environments. A snow storm was triggered. The Captain thought the cold was the Earthling's weakness but they soon observed Slimer playing in it. The environment was switched to high winds. Slimer brought out a kite. The Captain switched the setting to the heat of 10 suns. Slimer relaxed in a lounge chair. After it caught fire, Slimer roasted some hot dogs. The Captain kept pushing the machinery until half of Pluto exploded. Slimer emerged from the rubble and asked the aliens what was next. They grabbed Slimer and returned him to New York City. Slimer continued playing with his saucer toy. In space, the alien's saucer abruptly flew all over the place.


  • The episode was recorded on August 17, 1988.[3]
  • The alien named Morty is oddly Scottish in accent and dress.
  • The automated voice references Pluto, a Disney character.[4]
  • The first 'game' resembles the NASA simulator used to train astronauts.
  • Slimer hums the Ghostbusters theme while flying his kite.

Animation Errors


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