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The Ghostbusters wore Uniforms (which was a CWU-27p Flight Suit) in both movies, though the color varied from light grey, to beige, to navy blue. The costume choice was meant to convey the look of a janitor or exterminator.

The uniforms have the No-Ghost logo, on the right upper arm, and a left breast name tag, displaying the wearer's last name. Elbow pads were also part of the uniform. Common accessories are insulated work gloves and standard-issue lace-up boots.

A hose often connects to the leg on the left side of the jumpsuit and by being tucked in under the belt. The exact purpose of this is unclear.

List of Items on or a part of the uniform:

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Realistic Version

The Realistic versions have the classic tan color much like the first movie. Interestingly even the logo on the sleeve is now the normal no-ghost sign.

Online Rank Uniforms
Also the online version on the Xbox 360 and PS3 has ranks which change the colors of the uniform. The list is the following...


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