Uniforms are the suits, of unique color combinations, worn by the Ghostbusters after their battle with Gozer.


After the Ghostbusters set out to defeat Gozer, a set of new uniforms arrived. In all the confusion and chaos, Janine Melnitz forgot about them. During the battle with Gozer, the Ghostbusters original original uniforms absorbed a frightening amount of psychokinetic energy and were contaminated beyond repair. Egon declared the uniforms had to be destroyed. Janine remembered about the new uniforms and presented them to the team.[1][2]

The Ghostbusters quickly changed into them and began the rebuilding process. However, Peter never burned them and the uniforms took a life on their own after absorbing more ectoplasm from a crack in the new Containment Unit. The Spectral Ghostbusters were soon defeated, thanks in part to Slimer.

The Real Ghostbusters

List of items that are on a the usual uniform

Uniform Designs

Extreme Ghostbusters

In Extreme Ghostbusters, Garrett and Roland are the only members that wear standard uniforms. Whilst Eduardo chooses to wear standard clothes and Kylie wearing a custom designed uniform to suit her smaller build and her role as the team's primary trapper. Also, Ray Stantz had apparently lost some weight, as he borrowed one of Egon's old uniforms. When Janine rescued the other Ghostbusters from Lilith, she borrowed one of Egon's uniforms as well.

Uniform Designs

  • Eduardo Rivera wears blue jeans, a green shirt, an orange vest, and brown gloves.
  • Kylie Griffin wears black tights, orange torso armor somewhat resembling football gear which she uses to attach the ghost trap, and the rest of her gear, and also wears brown gloves, kneepads, and boots.
  • Roland Jackson wears a gray-green uniform and mahogany gloves, although he usually doesn't wear gloves.
  • Garrett Miller wears an orange uniform and brown fingerless gloves.


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