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Not to be confused with United Nations Headquarters/Animated

The United Nations Building [1] is the official headquarters of the United Nations, an international organization dedicated to world peace, and is located in Midtown Manhattan's Turtle Bay neighborhood bordering First Avenue, East 42nd Street, East 48th Street, and the East River.


The Ghostbusters were called to the United Nations Building shortly after an encounter with the Sandman at a Staten Island home. Ray Stantz assured Peter Venkman, who was canceling a dinner reservation, they would only have to deal with a "little" Class 6. They battled the Werecat Ghost in a meeting room. Suddenly, Ghost Priests manifested in the seating area and screamed "No!" The Werecat Ghost attempted to flee. It struggled in Ray's stream so Ray called out to Egon Spengler for help. The ghost orally expelled chemically volatile Ectoplasm on Egon's left leg. Peter threw out a Trap and captured the ghost. The Ghost Priests vanished without fanfare.

A short time later, Mr. Okonjo, a UN official, argued over the bill. He didn't think much of the $15,000 surcharge pertaining to Egon's injury. He reminded Peter that the United Nations was covered under the Ghostbusters' general contract with the City of New York. Winston Zeddemore explained that contract covers trapping and storage but anything else was on the client to pay. Okonjo ripped up the bill. Erland Vinter intervened and offered to pay them with a blank check because he meant to contact the Ghostbusters anyway. Vinter returned inside to finish a meeting.


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