The United Nations Headquarters is the official headquarters of the United Nations, an international organization dedicated to world peace, located in Manhattan bordering First Avenue, East 42nd Street, East 48th Street, and the East River.


The Real Ghostbusters

During the Proteus incident, Ghost Terrorists appeared at the United Nations Headquarters in protest of the Mano Doctrine. [1]

Extreme Ghostbusters

On the night of a conference on world peace, the Sphinx infiltrated the complex to confront leading intellectuals from around the world. The Extreme Ghostbusters were thrown out by security when they tried to explain the situation so they used the back door and cooked up a lie about having to fix the air conditioning system. Roland Jackson, Kylie Griffin, and Eduardo Rivera went to the sixth floor ahead of Garrett Miller and Egon Spengler and tried to stall the Sphinx after it drained the delegates of their brain waves. During the skirmish, the power cut and eventually emergency power came on. Garrett and Egon caught up to the others and helped defeat and capture the Sphinx. The Ghostbusters were given no credit for the bust on the news. The disruption was attributed to mysterious fumes from the air conditioning system.


The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters


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