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The Upper Arm Remote Trigger was a device worn by Jillian Holtzmann and designed to wirelessly release components of other equipment; in the 2016 movie.


Primary CanonEdit

Holtzmann first wore the Upper Arm Remote Trigger on her left arm when the Ghostbusters suited up outside of Ecto-1 prior to them going inside the Stonebrook Theatre. She activated it and the screen read, "Pedal Ready to Activate." After the Ghostbusters wrangled Mayhem from the concert stage and theatre floor, they implored Holtzmann to open the Trap. Holtzmann turned off her thrower then threw out the Trap and switched her trigger to "Pedal Activated." After she swiped the screen, the trigger wirelessly launched the pedal out of the Trap for use. Holtzmann also wore the Upper Arm Remote Trigger during the Times Square battle. She used the trigger to release her Proton Pistols for use against Times Square Battle Ghosts.

Secondary CanonEdit

Holtzmann tapped the trigger to release her Proton Pistols on Ellis Island during an overlap of two dimensions. Holtzmann used a Phillips-Head screwdriver to rig several Traps to open wirelessly by connecting them to her Upper Arm Remote Trigger. She laid the traps in an area of Woodlawn Cemetery then taunted the Moby Dick Ghost into chasing her. She set tapped the trigger and trapped the ghost.


  • The device can be seen with its wire connectors loose when Holtzmann is sitting on the pavement after Erin and Abby come back from the Portal.


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