About me

I am an avid Wookieepedian. I came to the Ghostbusters wiki when I started rewatching the Real Ghostbusters as an adult. I will be seeing the Ghostbusters re-release in theaters on October 20th 2011, which is on my birthday.

I also am enjoying [[J. Michael Straczynski]]'s work on TRGB alot. If anyone is unfamiliar with him, not only was he the story editor and a writer for TRGB, he also created a little thing called Babylon 5. If anyone who likes his TRGB episodes has not seen B5, go out right now and buy the dvd's. It is the greatest Scifi/Fantasy tv show in history (second is Buffy). The only problem is you have to get through 3 seasons before you can truly appriciate its greatness.

I am especially interested in the ghost classifications and other technobable. I am trained in biology and medicine so I like for scifi tech-talk to be as accurate as possible (given the canon sources).

My contributions

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