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I am a Moderator, specifically A Sysop (General), for the Ghostbusters Wiki along with SonofSamhain and we both work under Devilmanozzy, the Administrator. Feel free to contact me if you need to.

My laptop is going to turn into Chernobyl 2.0 any day now. I am rushing around right now editing this and that, sometimes several times in a row, before it goes. --Liberal Noob 03:34, 9 June 2009 (UTC)

Hi! I have been hooked on Ghostbusters since I was a kid. As my user name suggests, I am a Democrat, but I don't follow politics as closely as I used to. I an not going to press or state any my political beliefs here (I don't want to start or get into trouble). I don't consider my self as a n00b anymore. I now have a full- time job; without internet access.

I am also into Transformers and I help edit both (semi- serous) Transformers Wikis. The Ghostbusers wiki and the Transformers wiki are talking about a merger. Click here for more information on said merger.

Did you know that the Real Ghostbusters exist in the Transformers universe?

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I am an emergency lights (like on fire apparatus, ambulances, and police cars) and siren enthusiast. I am a member of a forum that talks about these things.

I don't like whackers or police impersonators. These are a danger to society in my opinion. Protect yourself by visiting http://www.policeposers.com and heed thier advice. I am a member on their forum. Feel free to create an account and post if you have questions. Policeposers.com share a very strong opinion about Ecto-1 replicas that I do.

I love wanton linking.

Top Gear is the best show on the air. Too bad it not shown in North America.

Wika and Wika is the best thing to ever happen on the internet.

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