aka Ian Fairchild

  • I live in Becchofen, Germany
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Currently unemployed
  • I am Male

About me

Ghostbusters Stuff I Own


  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters 2
  • The Real Ghostbusters Box Set

Video Games

  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game(Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo DS versions)
  • Extreme Ghostbusters: Code Ecto-1
  • Ghostbusters 2 (Game Boy version)
  • Extreme Ghostbusters for Game Boy Color
  • Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast


  • IDW The Other Side
  • IDW Displaced Aggression
  • IDW Haunted Holidays
  • IDW Ghostbusters Volume 1
  • IDW Ghostbusters Volume 2
  • IDW The Real Ghostbusters Omnibus Volume 1

Wish List

  • IDW Ghostbusters Infestation
  • For Extreme Ghostbusters to be released on DVD in Region 1
  • For destiny to make up its mind whether or not Ghostbusters 3 will become a reality.

Introduction to Ghostbusters

When I was a kid, I used to watch the Extreme Ghostbusters television show. I loved it very much. Later, my dad showed me the first movie, and much later I saw the sequel and The Real Ghostbusters. I've been a fan of the franchise ever since.

My contributions

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