Here I am in IDW's Ghostbusters #11 comic book with the fabulous Dr. Peter Venkman. Drawn by Dapper Dan Schoening. I wrote about it on Spook Central.

I'm not sure what to say here. I've been a Ghostbusters fan since childhood, likely seeing The Real Ghostbusters first, and then the first movie on ABC, and the second movie in the theater.

I'm one of the old-timers of the Ghostbusters online community, having been the webmaster of Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion since August 1996. Aside from all of the cool people my site has allowed me to meet, it's also granted me the opportunity to work on the official The Real Ghostbusters DVD Box Set from TimeLife in 2008, be drawn by Dapper Dan Schoening into IDW's Ghostbusters #11 comic book, and provide materials for the Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History book. Also, a Spook Central variant is one of the official Tristan Jones hand-drawn variant covers for IDW's Ghostbusters #9 comic book.

I've been editing here on the Ghostbusters Wiki since September 2012, and was promoted to Administrator status three years later in September 2015.

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