Hey all (that means you, Matt). I'm a new member on here and looking to shaping this thing up. I've been a GB fan all my life and this should be a place to have some fun and put a lot of my random knowledge to use.

Wanted Pages

  • Movies
    • Ghostbusters
    • Ghostbusters II
  • Characters
    • Roger DeLacore
    • Larry King
    • Casey Kasem (voice)
    • Electrical shocks guy
    • Cop at the firehouse
    • Cop at the jail cell
    • Mayor
    • Archbishop
  • Villains
    • Library Ghost
    • Taxi Driver Ghost
    • Terror Dogs
  • Locations
    • Bank
    • Jail
    • City Hall
    • Restaurant in Central Park
    • The five 'rows
  • "Busting Equipment"
    • Specter goggles
    • Storage Facility
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