That is just a bit overdoing it ain't it?!

Wikia has again decided to throw me a "he ain't looking, lets wall paper the wiki with adds". I am right now writing Wikia on it. I just wanted everyone to know, I'm aware of it, and am not happy about it.


When I am logged in

Here is there reply to this issue at Wikia when I emailed them...

"Thanks for contacting Wikia. What you are seeing is an ad campaign that does change the overall look of the skin, but for anonymous users only. As is our policy, we do not show ads to registered users who do not wish to see ads, so the skin is perfectly normal if you are logged in with that preference.

I know this is a controversial type of advertising, and thus I am not unsympathetic. Skins are a very sensitive area for our ad team to touch, but please at least consider (even if you do not agree) that running these types of ads just for a few days a year dramatically, dramatically reduces the needs to fill that wiki with more ads through the year as a whole.
Timothy Quievryn
Wikia Community Support Team"

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