Lets get down to the point, I'm a Ghostbuster fan, so you know I'm going to love the game. But...

First of all, like many I am wondering could the game just been a bit longer? The lack of a parade level really annoyed me, as it was in the ads. Submissions or random calls at Janines desk to go do would have added. Anyways, overall it has some interesting story lines as it connects Ghostbusters(Film) to Ghostbusters II a lot. Especially when down in the Slime labs, which then it turns out the Mood slime came from there as well which connects Ivo Shandor to Vigo. As just noted Ivo Shandor is the main villain of the game which is the architect behind Dana's apartment building in the first movie.

Now as for the goodies of the game, some of the equipment is really fun to use such as the slime tether, the new ghosts are very interesting, and the level design seems pretty good.

So to me its a 9.0.

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