There has always been and will always be a war at the wiki and a endless debate if we should cover this or that. We decided years ago that dedication is a important element in deciding these things. That being said, I think it's important to not leave people hanging on these things.

No Admins are dedicate to Fan Franchises

A long time back it was asked why we removed two submissions on the wiki for fan franchises. The simple fact was there was no system in place, nothing to build from and no one to maintain those. Let's be honest here, three admins run this wiki pretty much, and two of us are daily editors. That is it. None of us do the prop thing, or dress up for the weekend. We are fans of the films, cartoons, comics, and video games. That is what we care about and are dedicated to.

"But you guys are the Best at Archiving"

We're the best at what we do because we love the subject to begin with. Fan franchises are a mess of fan ideas and egos that fight for attention. Something none of the admins want any part of. I remember in the early days 2009-2011 when the wiki was starting off that there was a few folks trying to go that way. I remember that they dropped some badly written fan non-sense on a article with pictures of them messing around at a con and thought it was gold. Who cares?! They didn't after they broke up. So I'm left deleting a article that never served a purpose to anyone. The articles here are to cover topics, characters, items in the Ghostbusters universe.

There are other Places

GBFans comes to mind. They are setup to cover props and fan franchises much better. There is also Proton Charging, Ghostbusters Mania and many others sharing that ideal pie, already. So, maybe the issue is knowing where to go with that sort of thing.

Bottom Line

The Wiki was always about Ghostbusters content first. Most people think films, cartoons, video games, and comics. Not guys dressed up. I honestly didn't even know it was a thing til 2007. It's cool that folks do that sort of thing, but it just isn't what this wiki is about.

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